Sunday, February 25, 2018

Badfinger - Without You 1968-1975 Demos, Outakes & Rarities (2015) [FLAC]

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Big Star - I Got Kinda Lost (2018) Expanded Edition

This is a behemoth set - with all the new Big Star outtakes and the like that have come to light in the past few years, it was time to update the compilation.

Like the previous compilations of this set, the songs appear in chronological order and thus tells the story of Big Star; their rise and fall.

Artwork has been 'remixed' than what appeared on previous IGKL comps and hopefully you'll like the liberties I took to make old pictures something new to look at again. If not, oh well.

Discs 12 & 13 are bonus discs to the collection and are both live recordings of the band from 1974.

The discs

The tracks making up this collection are either demos, acetates, alternate mixes, fan mixes, non-released tracks and the like.

For the most part, the tracks carry the listener through a time line of 1965 - 1975(ish)

It is this compiler's opinion that Chris Bell is/was the architect of the sound of Big Star and so the story begins with Chris Bell and The Jynx.

Alex Chilton appears with Big Star in roughly 1970-71 - somewhere in there - so no Box Tops songs made this collection. Although, Alex's solo material does fit the collection for the fact that the players used for those sessions were the same players Chris Bell used as well.


Some tracks have been upgraded from virgin vinyl sources to its CD issued counterpart.

There are only 2 tracks that were converted from an mp3 source to WAV to FLAC. And that is the two interviews found in the collection. They've been available currently as mp3 downloads so until a lossless source appears - those converted interview tracks will have to do. I didn't think it was a sin since there isn't any serious audio fidelity to be gained from a track of talk.

The rest of the tracks found on this collection are taken from CD sources (the majority of tracks) and a few tracks are culled from vintage virgin vinyl.
Also a few of the tracks especially on disc 1 & 2 were from a cassette source that was transferred to CD. But those kinds of sources are noted on the trayliners.

No audio leveling has been applied to the tracks. Tracks are preserved/presented just as their source material was in the first place.


All pictures used are from the most high-quality version that exist 'out there' and were manipulated in photoshop and presented throughout the collection with a fresh
coat of paint.

CD artwork is created in 300 dpi and saved in a png format.

Check it out below.
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