Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Shazam - Twenty Megatons Of Fun & Shake 500

The mythos of these rare Shazam releases is something of an enigma in underground fandom.

The details of the story are rather murky as it was the closing days of storied label Not Lame Recordings in 2009 when these prototypes were (shanghaied?, leaked?) from the offices of Not Lame, a feat that still remains shrouded in mystery to this day.
How ever these releases came to be and to what end their intended purpose, we do not know for certainty. 

One release is a 2 CD anthology of sorts of b-side material, demos and unreleased tracks.

Maybe these releases were proposals intended to be distributed to members of the band for their input or maybe there was another purpose; no one seems to remember or know.

The other single disc release is the Shazam’s debut “Shake 500” on CD for the first time! The original was sold as a cassette tape by the band in the mid 90’s.

             The Shazam - Twenty Megatons Of Fun (2009)
Not Lame Recordings - {NL - 010X}

CD booklet outside foldout 

CD booklet inside foldout

trayliner inside

trayliner outside

disc 01 label

disc 02 label

The Shazam - Shake 500 - Not Lame Recordings {NL - 011X}

CD booklet and cover foldout

trayliner inside

trayliner outside

disc label

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a fantasy release and has never been available here or anywhere else for download.

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